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Benevolence Procedure


The primary purpose of the EKO Benevolence Fund is to meet the needs of current active and participating members of the church. As funds are available, the Pastor and/or committee will consider requests made by individuals who are not members of EKO.

As wise stewards of God’s resources, EKO reserves the right to investigate every request as a genuine need for help. Our desire is not to embarrass, offend or expose anyone’s person condition, situation or circumstances beyond what is shared with the Pastor and/or member of the Benevolence Fund Committee.

All conversations will be held in the strictest confidence unless the need arises to share information with the Pastor and/or Benevolence Fund Committee. Any deception or fraud by requester will immediately disqualify said person for receiving assistance until further notice.


Anyone requesting assistance will be required to provide proof of identity, a valid mailing address and phone number (if possible), information regarding church affiliation, and the names of churches and other organizations from which the person has requested assistance within the previous twelve months.

In order to serve our members and non-members through the Benevolence Fund, we will consider needs in two specific area:

  1. Immediate – A need that will meet a present issue and will help the requester to move life toward.

  2. Emergency – A need has been brought on by a crisis which may have been beyond the control of the requester.


Benevolence help will be disbursed in one of these two forms:

  1. Gift cards – Cards from local convenience, grocery stores and gas stations in the amounts of $10 and $20, more at EKO's discretion. EKO members can receive up to 4 gift cards for food and/or 4 for gas in a calendar year (based on availability). Non-members can receive up 2 gift cards for food and/or 2 for gas in a calendar year (based on availability).

  2. Cash or check – Funds paid directly to the landlord, business or utility. Based on the availability of funds, EKO members can receive assistance in this form two times (2) in a calendar year and non-members one time (1) in a calendar year unless otherwise agreed upon by EKO.

  3. Note: AT NO TIME WILL MONEY BE GIVEN TO THE REQUESTER! All requests must be made during normal church office hours unless otherwise arranged by the Pastor and/or Benevolence Committee representative.


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